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an atypical place

combining modernity and authenticity:
shops, restaurants, cinemas … within a few steps of the hotel

Bercy Village, a small wonder and an unusual place in Paris, combining shopping, terraces, history and outdoor recreation in a perfect harmony between modernity and authenticity.

Shopping in Paris 12 th

Located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, Bercy Village is an area of shops and leisure.
This area, close to the park of Bercy, consists of different shops (decoration, house, clothing, culture, …) restaurants, cafes, opened in old warehouses and warehouses of the 19th century. A cinema UGC, completes this unique offer, in a paved pedestrian street lined with pavilions.

Direct access via Metro

This touristic area is accessible by a metro line  (14 Cour Saint Emilion). The shops are open from Monday to Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm and the restaurant from Monday to Sunday from 11 am to midnight.

A large parking lot

2 car parks are available with 3000 parking spaces: Saint-Émilion and Bercy Lumière. Open 24/7, as well as a bike parking, a location is planned rue des Pirogues de Bercy and 3 stations of Vélib’ nearby rue François Truffaut and rue des Pirogues de Bercy.

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